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Auto Thrust

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Hi all,

I still cannot get any joy with the autothrust.

FLX settings are allways 10% lower than what they should be and i never get much more than 87%N1 in CLB mode.

I have my CH throttles set up in FSX controls, with them calibrated without a reverse zone in FSUIPC4. As the manual describes.

I have also noted the orange target mark on the N1 gauges are going to different settings on the left and right engines, when they should be the same.

I think the problem appears to be that the autothrust logic is not able to over rule the actual position of the hardware i.e my CH throttles. Also the blue commanded thrust mark never meets up with the orange target thrust mark for each of the setting, FLX, TOGA, CLB. I will have to ask a couple of friends of mine who are real world Airbus maintenance engineers, as am i but im not airbus rated, but i believe that when you select TOGA for example, the orange mark should be at 104% when TOGA is triggered the blue mark should then shoot round to meet the orange mark at 104% making the engines spool up to that thrust.

I hope a fix can be found for this and other problems, as of yet after owning this product since the day it came out, i have not been able to fly it once on successful flight. I'm sorry to ask but is a refund a possibility?



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