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Cody Bergland


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I really like the community aspect you guys are doing here. This gives legitimacy to a concept and practice that has been happening in the community for some time. I commend Aerosoft for moving forward with a much needed and missing element to the community. I also like that the project is community led. This gives a lot of ambiance and enjoyment to this area for U.S. flyers as well. I now have a base of operations that I will find myself enjoying the absolute heck out of for all those Euro registered planes that I tend to leave in the hanger.

For those on the fence, I'm making a video that will be available soon. Furthermore, having used the product now, I can tell you it performs flawlessly and looks beautiful in VFR Germany 3. A wonderful addition product for this area.

The animated people are a VERY nice touch!

Keep it up folks!


Jaggyroad Films

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