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Mathijs Kok


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Q: How do I buy a property on Andras Airpark?

A: First of all keep in mind the Airpark is an addon to the main project Andras Airfield. There is no need what so ever to buy something on the airpark. But if you like the idea, here is how things will happen:Check the Andras Airpark Sales forum and see what's for sale.

  1. If you like any of the plots for sale, send an email to to let us know.
  2. All properties will be online for 48 hours. After this period the topic will close.
  3. If here is more then one person for the plot our sales director will draw straws
  4. We will then contact the new owner with payment information.
  5. In the next update of the scenery (every 7 or 10 days) you, and all other users, will see your name at the road side!
Q: Can I resell a property?

A: Sure, we can either give you privileges to post on the forum and handle it all for you, or you handle it any way you like. Do we like speculation with properties? Not really but it would be fun to see how other user respond. When we got the idea things get out of hand we'll just put new plots on the market to lower the price.

Q: What will you do with the money?

A: Part of it will go to Andras Kozma who will maintain the scenery files. The rest will be used to expand the project. This is NOT a project Aerosoft considers important from a financial point of view, it is very much an experiment.

Q: How long will you maintain this project?

A: At least 36 months from this moment but we got very good hopes it will keep on going.

Q: What if I want to design something myself (yet I got no idea about making stuff for FSX)?

A: Great idea. Almost any 3d design tool will work (Google SketchUp is great and free) and we'll be glad to help you get the building into FSX format. You will have to make something that matches our limitation though to avoid one building eating up all the fps. Just talk to us and we'll help.

If you got no idea about designing we can do all you want, but we will charge you commercial rates and that more or less spoils the fun. It takes at least two days at €50 an hour to get anything done.

Q: What if I want to design something myself (and I know about FSX modeling)?

A: Send us the 3d file or BGL and we'll handle it. Check this for the specifications.

Q: Can I design a palace with 20 million polygons and 400 bitmaps?

A: Uhhh no. We got to share the framerates. Check this for the specifications.

Work in progress....

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