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CumulusX! menus crashing?


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Hi. I'm a big fan of previous releases, and just got back into it. CumulusX! will load correctly (via EXE.xml), but whenever I try to drag its window to another screen, or change a menu option, it seems to freeze. Trying again will show the "(not responding)" heading in the window title.

Process for software install:

Installed Windows XP Pro x64

Tested for hardware stability

Installed FSX

Installed FSX SP1

Installed FSX SP2

Uninstalled FSX SP2

Installed FSX Accelleration

Installed TileProxy

Installed SimProbe

Installed CumulusX!

Installed WinchX!

Installed SOAR DG808

I must admit, I did not play test between the installations. Any tips?

(for completeness)

Hardware Spec:

Intel i7 Extreme Edition @ 4Ghz

12GB 1600Mhz DDR3

nVidia 295GTX (in SLI for primary display)

nVidia 8500 (for secondary displays)

3x 120GB OCZ Vertex SSDs in RAID-0

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well, this is new one. Unfortunately, I cannot test with XP64 and dual screen/SLI. In order to localize the problem, please could you try the following:

1) Start CumulusX! stand-alone, i.e. FSX is not running. It will complain not being able to connect, but most of the GUI should work. Then try what produced the freezing.

2) Test your configuration with only one monitor being active.

3) Test your configuration with SLI disabled.

4) Does CumulusX! work otherwise as intended, i.e. as long as you don't do anything with the GUI?

5) Does WinchX! work?

6) Please note that the GUI of both is not fullscreen compatible. If you run one of the screens in fullscreen mode, you should avoid working the GUI, unless you have switched to windowed mode first. Alas, my screen switches automatically to windowed mode if I activated the GUI.

7) As always: You may try to update graphics card drivers.

I must admit, if it turns out to be an issue with the screen config, then it will be hard to debug. The GUI functions are all native Dotnet 2.0 and I don't have a clue what could be changed to fix it.

best regards,


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Thank you for your quick response, and I'm sorry for bothering you before I did more investigating.

It seems the problem is that the GUI is fairly processor-sensitive. If there is little CPU time available, it crashes. Running CuX! on it's own works great, running it when FSX is even at the menu causes some hesitation, and running it on another screen (no hardware acceleration) causes it to crash. To top that off, TileProxy burns through all spare CPU cycles anyway. WinchX works fine.

I do like having the debug window on another monitor (I'm not that good yet ;)). So here is what I am doing now:

Launch CuX! manually.

Open debug window, position it on second monitor and resize. Leave main window on main monitor.

Open FSX, press connect on CuX!, move it to second monitor.


Thank you for your help, sometimes a little hand-holding is all it takes ;)

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This is vey weird, never made this experience. It ran even on an old AMD Athlon 2400XP. Actually the GUI of CuX! doesn't do almost nothing. It sounds more like a weird graphics card driver problem to me. WinchX! uses the same libraries for the GUI as well.

Nice to hear you having found some workaround, if you have more findings, please let me know.

best regards,


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