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  1. Hi, I'm another former flier coming back for another taste. Got married, got a new job, bought/remodeled a house. Looking forward to getting back in the cockpit, and glad to see that the community is still here!
  2. Peter, Thank you for your quick response, and I'm sorry for bothering you before I did more investigating. It seems the problem is that the GUI is fairly processor-sensitive. If there is little CPU time available, it crashes. Running CuX! on it's own works great, running it when FSX is even at the menu causes some hesitation, and running it on another screen (no hardware acceleration) causes it to crash. To top that off, TileProxy burns through all spare CPU cycles anyway. WinchX works fine. I do like having the debug window on another monitor (I'm not that good yet ). So here is what
  3. Hi. I'm a big fan of previous releases, and just got back into it. CumulusX! will load correctly (via EXE.xml), but whenever I try to drag its window to another screen, or change a menu option, it seems to freeze. Trying again will show the "(not responding)" heading in the window title. Process for software install: Installed Windows XP Pro x64 Tested for hardware stability Installed FSX Installed FSX SP1 Installed FSX SP2 Uninstalled FSX SP2 Installed FSX Accelleration Installed TileProxy Installed SimProbe Installed CumulusX! Installed WinchX! Installed SOAR DG808 I mus
  4. Thanks B21. I'll be sure to check it out. I haven't had time to actually fly, but I am downloading all the new goodies.
  5. I've been gone from the scene for quite a while, real life got a bit too...real. But I'm tentatively re-installing FSX, CuX, SimProbe, the SOAR DG-808 and TileProxy. This is a new place, yes? I recognize the people, but not the forums...
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