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Virtual Soaring Competition Rules

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Aside from the general virtual soaring rules (c.f. thread below) I sat down and started consideration how to do serios Virtual saoring competion and which rules should apply here. The idea is to have this as a sort of requirements specifications for sofwtare logger modules. With no claim for comprehensiveness or feasibility:

Some definitions:

Aircraft.cfg : The aircraft configuration file of the chosen plane

Airfile.air : The associated airfile

Race-files : Files that describe the Initial conditions, weather situation of a flight, a version of thermaldiscriptions.xml, and a scenery set (ridge lift). A mission file, if provided.

SoC : Start-of-Competition, the moment when competition relevant logging starts

Race : Competition or record flight, from loading the situation until completing the competition phase

1) Only registered gliders are approved (i.e. aircraft.cfg + airfile.air)

2) Slewing after SoC is not allowed

3) Aircraft can be selected once, prior to SoC (i.e. immediately after loading the race-files)

4) Change of weather mode or user defined weather configuration during flight is not allowed

5) Race-files must not be altered.

6) Pausing is not allowed in real weather mode

7) Pausing may be allowed in weather theme mode (t.b.d.)

8) Pausing is never allowed during records

7) Simulator speed must be always 1.0 (no acceleration/deceleration)

8) Usage of VET-enhancements is not allowed after starting the competition

9) Additional soaring and ridge lift scenery has to be deactivated.

10) Add-ons, that affect plane movement, except from CumulusX! and SimProbe have to deactivated during the race.

11) Influence on weather conditions of add-ons (e.g. FSUIPC) have to be deactivated during the race

12) FAI-GC rules have to be applied, where applicable (i.e. no records after/before virtual sunset, start altitude, start window ...)

It's already quite a lot of rules, and it is not fully clear to me how to proof compliance in an acceptable way. A method, to check could be extracting hash values from all the relevant files and combining these with hash values of the logged data. But there is is still a need also to check a number of events in FSX.

best regards,


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