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Converting Slope Files from...

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Easy way to Convert Slope .DAT Files, if not using the SlopeDataBaseTool!

(1). Download and Install CCS2004. ( http://x-c.home.att.net/ )

(2). Place the slope .DAT file(s) inside CCS2004 'IMPORT' folder. (You can find slope files at AVSIM [ http://www.avsim.com/ ] in the 'FS2004 - Miscellaneous Files' section. Do a search for "CCS2004" and the files should come up.

(3). Start CCS2004 (Do NOT have FS2004/FSX running, for this will slow the process. It will work that way though, just not as fast.). Press 'Unscripted' or 'Scripted' mode and then the 'Exit and Launch Cross-Country Soaring' button.

(4). You will then receive a confirmation box when a file is complete. After the last one is complete, you will get a message saying that CCS2004 "...cannot link to FSUIPC. Make sure FS is running and try again.". Press the OK button and your FINISHED.

Place the .slo files as instructed by CumulusX! instructions and REALLY SOAR!!


EDIT: If this process does not work for you, please state how or why, and we will try to get it fixed somehow. Thanks.

EDITED again on 06/17/08

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In addition to the above:

If your system is running on VISTA: Start CCS2004 with administrator rights, otherwise the .dat file will not convert to .slo


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