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Chris Gordan

Membership Applications

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I have finally learned most of what is necessary to rebuild the membership roster and signup systems to use dynamic databases.

Since most of our members are in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the slowest time of year for virtualsoaring. Real world soaring has most of our attention while Mother Nature is cooperating with great lift.

I am therefore going to suspend membership signups for the summer months, and try to get the new system in place for when the V-soaring season kicks into high gear.

Those who have sent membership applications and have not received a response yet WILL NOT have to resubmit their information. It will be added to the database with the existing members, and you will receive your SOAR ID# by email when the new system is in place.

Lastly, if any contests happen before the new number system is in place, there's no need to worry. Anyone, whether members or not are welcome to fly in our contests. If you don't have a SOAR# , simply email the Race Official for that contest, and you'll be provided with a contest number.

Patience please, folks! This stuff will take many, many hours over the coming months.

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