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P3Dv4 freeze after choosing Airbus pro(both A320 family and A330)

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10 days ago I still successfully loaded A320 and completed a flight. (but it took a very long while to start loading the aircraft after I click OK at that time)

And during these days I only flew several flights with PMDG aircrafts and performed FSDT update, didn't installed any flight sim stuff.


Today I would like to fly A320, so I loaded the default F22 first.

After entering the scenarios, I selected the Vihicle option and then choose A320.

Once I click OK, the preview of aircraft blanked out and then P3D gets frozen and stops responding.

I still got the same results after I tried for many times. No matter A320 family or A330.

Then I checked the Windows event monitor, the Error events towards to P3D.exe itself, not aerosoft related file.


Does anyone know how to solve the problem? Thanks.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

And what error did the eventviewer show at the time the crash happened?

Show a srceenshot or post the complete errormessage.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Unfortunately the error message is not very useful. Maybe the FSDT (GSX?) update changed something, causing a conflict with the Buses. You can check this by uninstalling GSX.

What happens when you directly load a bus and not the F-22 first?

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Hi Otto,


I think that P3D didn't "crash" like the way of crash to desktop.

The preview of aircraft blanked out and P3D was "freeze" or like "stuck" after I chose a bus then press OK. Then I clicked anywhere in the P3D window, the windows became white(just like the PNG below) and popped up an another windows said P3D stop responding. So the error in event viewer toward to P3D itself.


I just followed the recommended instructions from this forum to reinstalled the airbus pro 320/330, and didn't do anything change like installing/removing/updating with FSDT or GSX. But P3D is still getting freeze after I chose a bus.


If I directly load a bus first instead of the default F-22, it came with the same result.

Please login to display this image.

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