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Crash at fixed moments


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I done my first flight after longer time. I first had the problem that the bus always crashed when going to ATSU and DEP ATIS. Always a crash. There was also another menue in ATSU which causes a crash. Then when reaching final flightlevel it always crashs again. My final FL was FL400 and till 39800ft no problem, but suddenly thereafter no message just freeze for seconds and back to desktop. Never got a error. When reloading a saved point again no problems till the final level. I can not even hear the checklist voice. So it seems to happen a bit before.


Using following system:

P3D v5.3.17

Windows 11 Pro

i7 12700K

AMD 6800

A330 Pro+GSX+ChasePlane+Active Sky+IVAO client+PFPX+FireFox in the back

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I done now another test at Redding Airport and just entered final level 10000ft and flew straight out the airport towards 10000ft. And after reaching 9900ft shortly thereafter same as bevor.


Does it has to do with the enhanced atmospheric I have enabled?

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