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Firmware upgrade necessary? What does it change?

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so far I have not updated the firmware of my CDU. It is still running on the old one that comes with it when buying it.


I'm always very afraid and reluctant to perform changes to something that is working in principle. 


What would a firmware upgrade bring for advantages? What changes does it bring?


For me the CDU is already perfect except one thing. Sometimes the CDU is missing a key input. I have to press it two or three times until the input is there. Looks like a lag. Does the new firmware maybe solve that problem?




Best regards Andi 

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The upgrades mainly add compatibility to new addons.

They also enhance some features such as connection speed and so on.

You can see it here :



So, if you are happy with your system as it currently is, my advice is to leave it as it is.

There is no need to repair something that works. 

As for the key, this may be due to a slight contact issue.

Maybe some rust or grease or moist.


Best regards.

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