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SAM Ground services, aircraft configuration issue.

Sam Johnston

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Hi, i purchased SAM ground handling yesterday of the XPlane store. i can access the SAM tab and plan a flight, but when it gets too the 'preflight' slide it says on the right side that 'the selected aircraft doesn't have a valid ground service configuration'. I am using the Flight factor A350. I'm aware others have come across the same issue but i am yet to find a fix.

I've added an image of the SAM tab and my Log.txt folder below.


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That's because if you check the list of supported aircraft, it's not in there.

And from reading other forums I'm not optimistic about the chances of easily adding aircraft yourself to the product being offered.

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turns out the current version does not work with the XP12 versions of any aircraft I tried, looked and all the configs are missing.

Even when not using SAM Services, every flight I try with it installed causes XP to crash to desktop after a few minutes.

Removing SAM from XP, crashes go away.


Hope we get a proper XP12 version...

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