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Honeycomb Alpha Yoke

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Good evening


Can someone help me please my simulator is MSFS 2020 Win10 Nvida RTX1070 all of a sudden my Ailerons AXIS on Joystick L-AXIS X will not self centre and is oscillating I have re-calibrated within the yoke and also in windows but it still does not self centre I have tried another Flight stick and that is perfect I have also tried the Yoke on another M/C but with the same result any advice would be most appreciated


Kind regards

Roy Hayday 

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  • Aerosoft


In addition to what Ha_Ma suggested, is this centering issue also visible in the Windows peripheral utility ?

Meaning :

- Is the cross moving smoothly the whole course for both X/Y axes ?
- Is there any interference between both axes ? (when moving Y only, X must remain steady and vice versa)

- When releasing the yoke handle, does the cross center, and isn't there any "ripple" or "fluttering"
- Are the min/max raw data values the same for both axes ?

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Thank you for your response I have tried HA MA's suggestion but it made no difference  when moving the Y & X axis neither remain steady in the idle position also the + is below centre and fluttering all the time the min/max raw data values are X Axis fluttering at 80 and the Y Axis 127/130



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