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Trouble with route

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Hi all

I am trying to create a new OFP template.

Fist page went OK all data is displayed as I wanted in the PFPX OFP

Next step was to create the flight log. I have made the entries in the attachement but something must be wrog since when I try to select the newly created OFP, PFPX freezes and I got the out of memory message.

Can somene be so kind to take a look and see what is wrong?

I havent worked on the alignemet yet... 


New Text Document (3).txt

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Thank you very much Stephen for the kind support, it worked!!!


However I have a question. I cant seem to get longitude in the short format using  <&Longitude[0]>

I still get the long ones: 

DAXI1P   LOSID    5    305   00:01.... *CLB 332/011     ...18186
2100     N24 40.3    17    308   00:04 .... 558  XXXX 52
         E054 29.8 2173 E02 05:10 .... FL361 2


Any idea why?

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