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  1. Hello. Is there a way to have both runways 26 (takeoff) and 30 (landing )in use as in real life? I am using P3D v4.5 Thanks Mircea
  2. I have found a solution. Please disregard.
  3. I would really appreciate a answer, please! It is suposed to be a support forum for a payweare product...
  4. Thank you, Stephen, I will try. Cheers, Mircea
  5. Hi, all I have a problem with the formula calculating total fuel (see attached picture), I must have done something wrong. These are the fields TAXI<&TaxiOutFuel[0]:16> <&To><&TripFuel[0]:16><&TripTime[2]:12> RR 0<&ContingencyFuel[0]:16><&ContingencyTime[2]:12> <&Altn1[0]><&AlternateFuel[0]:16><&AlternateTime[2]:12> FR<&FinalReserveFuel[0]:18><&FinalReserveTime[2]:12> CF<&TankerFuel[0]:18> EXTRA <&ExtraFuel[0]:06> <&ExtraTime[2]:5> TOT FUEL <&ReleaseFuel[0]:6> <&ReleaseTime[2]:5> The total fuel is not the sum of all the values. What values should I use in place of ReleaseFuel and ReleaseTime Thanks! Mircea
  6. Thank you very much, Hanse!
  7. Mika, thank you for the answer, I appreciate the tip on the strobe position. However the one I never hear is ASC_CC_Welcome. Any idea what is the trigger for that? Thanks Mircea
  8. Hello I have been trying to find out what exactly triggers specific cabin announcements on the A32x pro but I couldn't. Not in the documentation not in the forum. For example I never managed to hear the ASC_CC_Welcome playing although I have checked the file itself and is fine. Does anyoene know when it is supposed to play? Also, ASC_CC_Safety usually plays while taxiing but not always. Can someone help pls? Cheers Mircea
  9. Sorry, I have to bump since I got no answer. Mircea
  10. Hello I have a promblem with the remote MCDU. It does not show the MCDU picture (please notice the highlighted cracked image indication), only the screen. I have the lastest verson of the Airbus 318/319 using the Aerosoft Updater. I have checked the Webserver, I use all P3D (v4.5) Connect pro, and web browser in admin mode. I have tried with Microsoft Edge and Mozzilla, same problem. I have tried removing all the restrictive settings in the browsers that I can think of (as the site appears as insecure). The problem appeared suddenly after using it normally for a while Any ideeas?
  11. Hello I decided to give NDPCharts a try. I purchased a 1 day subsripton but I cannot active on my ipad or desktop program. Any ideea why? As for the ipad, I cant figure out what Settings the message refers to. Ipad's or NDP Charts apps (or how to acces the latter)? Thanks
  12. Hello. I made a little texture modification on one of the bmps of the VC (AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_REARSEC4096_C), then converted back to DDS after editing using DXBmp, but the result in the sim is blurry. Can someone be so kind to tell me what format should I select while saving in order to have it nice and clear in P3D? Thanxs! Cheers, Mircea
  13. Very nice livery, Holgi, thanks. Just one question, I have noticed that in the new version the reg and the SELCAL no longer appear on the panel. And an observation. The registration under the wing is written in blue on the real plane. Cheers
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