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  1. Hello. I made a little texture modification on one of the bmps of the VC (AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_REARSEC4096_C), then converted back to DDS after editing using DXBmp, but the result in the sim is blurry. Can someone be so kind to tell me what format should I select while saving in order to have it nice and clear in P3D? Thanxs! Cheers, Mircea
  2. Very nice livery, Holgi, thanks. Just one question, I have noticed that in the new version the reg and the SELCAL no longer appear on the panel. And an observation. The registration under the wing is written in blue on the real plane. Cheers
  3. Thanks Well the only place I've heard an different accent across europe was Italy. Is there a way to have more customisation?
  4. Hi I was happy to find out there is a new version coming soon. It would be great if: - We could customize the voice of the ground staff. For ex: the plane lands in France. It would be great to have the ground staff speaking english with french accent. I don't say that AES should record those sounds. Users could record standardized sounds with their country accent and then share them on avsim, for ex. It would be nice if Oliver could create an interface for inserting those recorded sounds so they play for airports in various countries. - Boarding/ deboarding time should be related to the number of PAX. - Sound of de-icing truck won't be so loud in the cockpit. - Sound of planes in background during boarding and deboarding could match a bit the size of the airport (SPU sounds like LHR) - Already promised refueling would be available - The amazing wet runway created by an user for FS9 could be used again - Ground staff wait for complete engine startup before moving away from the aircraft (this always happens when starting @ no push-back positions) Thanks for your time
  5. Thanks SAF, I'll try this. The problem occus no matter what airport I come back from (last week I went to freeware LIEO and this weekend to EDDK from GAP). If I remember well the airport was installed on a superior layer than the landscape that comes with it?
  6. Hi all I have this odd problem with FRA mega scenery: I takeoff from FRA, everything OK, I land at my destination, again OK. BUT when I land back in FRA the ground textures (runway, taxiways) in porximity of the aircraft me vanish and all I see is green grass. Many thanks for any imput.
  7. Hi Back in FS2002 it was possible to use it RW18. I have opened it for takoffs and closed it for landings using AFCAD and still planes were assigned to land. As you said, it is dependant on the wind. I think if wind is favorable for RWs 25 landings then planes will be directed to land on 25 and takoff will be available on 18. I still have to check this out, I'll let you know.
  8. Hi all A question regarding FRA Merga Airport How can I make RW18 active in FS like in the real FRA airport? I have tried opning 18 with AFCAD and closing 25L/8R but planes only land and takoff from 18. Many thaks
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