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Westbound altitude question, and RVSM question

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Sorry if this is a basic question. I planned a flight that includes a long west-bound stretch though Algeria and Morocco on airway UA411. The aircraft is a B744.


PFPX planned an altitude of  FL410 for that part, and I'm having a bit of trouble understanding why that altitude was chosen. A non-RVSM altitude should be either FL390 or FL430 for that part, while RVSM should be FL400, unless I'm mistaken, which may be the case.


I was flying at FL410, when (through RealTraffic) I noticed an actual real-world aircraft at my altitude heading eastbound on the same airway, also at FL410, which would be the appropriate altitude for eastbound traffic using RVSM, so I had a TCAS resolution advisory and had to climb out of its way.


My questions are these:


1. Any idea why PFPX planned my flight for FL410 going westbound? and...

2. Does PFPX "know" what parts of the globe are RVSM-capable and does it take that into account?


Thanks guys.



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  • Will C changed the title to Westbound altitude question, and RVSM question

I don't have a PDF of the whole OFP but here is a pic just after that stretch of the flight. On a new airway here, but as you can see, the direction is still west (roughly 220 degrees) and the altitude is still FL410. (I'm not sure how helpful one page of the OFP is, but at least you can check whether I'm hallucinating.)


Navigraph is the provider, the cycle is current.


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