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We will release its latest products in December, the 737NG MCP and EFIS.

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Cockpit-Master will release its latest products in December, the 737NG MCP and EFIS. Now we will introduce the product design ideas and details to you.

CS is composed of aviation practitioners and flight enthusiasts, so our products are close to the real machine in terms of hardware, the price is reasonable, and it can be used by connecting to a computer with USB. On the software side, it’s ready to use right out of the box and doesn’t require complex setup. We hope you can use our products to build simulators at home, which is our goal.


CS launched its first product in 2020, the 737 CDU, which is a thin, portable product with built-in display programs, no video signal transmission, only a USB connection to a computer, open Bridge software to use. It can connect to FSX, Prepar3D, MSFS and other platforms, support several aircraft plug-ins, no additional hardware or software settings.




Bridge software will be upgraded soon to support 737NG MCP and EFIS, again without any hardware or software setup.


Our 737NG MCP and EFIS are thoughtful products, not handmade DIY creations. We made a lot of molds for MCP and EFIS to achieve a realistic look.




737NG MCP technical features
・ Panel F/D prevents accidental bumping
・ The V/S wheel is raised on both sides
・ Yellow warning sign on the inside of DISENGAGE
・ Custom digital tube, real font
・ Jumped out of the A/T ARM switch
・ 7 custom knobs, feel close to the real machine
・ 14 custom lighted switches, the same press feelings as the real machine (the pressure is lighter than the aircraft)





737NG EFIS Technical Features
・ 2 customized double-layer knobs with buttons, the function is the same as the real machine
・ 2 customized single-layer knobs with buttons, the function is the same as the real machine
・ When the display mode knob is in the PLN position, the CTR button cannot be pressed
・ True key strength





In order to facilitate everyone’s use at home, we also provide a desktop stand. It will be sold at a good price and it is highly recommended for everyone to buy the bracket.





Cockpit-Master Team


For more details information about MCP and EFIS, Please contact us at contact@cockpit-master.com


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