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How to setup a 180° field of view on 3 displays or beamers with MSFS

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How to setup a 180° field of view on 3 displays or beamers with MSFS

TWO videos this time !

Ever wanted to upgrade your immersion feeling of one (BIG) notch ?


Yes ? Then go for a wide angle display system.
Get 3 big displays or even better 3 beamers (second hand, these cost around 400 eur each)
and build yourself a visual system that will allow you to look left and right like in a real aircraft.
No need for expensive curved display and wrapping software.
If you have a small room with 3 with walls available you can easly build a super immersive 180° (or more) setup.


The latest update of MSFS added some still experimental features.
Among them, a multi window management.

There isn’t much documentation yet, so this tutorial is the result of experiment and various researches.


We will use a classic setup of 3 views covering a 180° field of view.

STEP 1 :

Scroll the center panel until you find HOME COCKPIT MODE. Set it to ON.

Apply the change and save.



STEP 2 :
Click “EXPERIMENTAL” at the bottom on the left menu.



STEP 3 :

The experimental options panel opens.
Click on the ADD NEW RENDER WINDOW button



STEP 4 :
A window setup list opens.
1 – Set the Lateral rotation offset to -90 (as it is the left one)

2 – Set DISPLAY MODE to FULL SCREEN (optional as you can switch later)
       If you want to use full screen, set the FULL SCREEN RESOLUTION
       equal to your display resolution as specified in Windows.

3 – Click OK
4 - Click on the ADD NEW RENDER WINDOW button to setup the next window


STEP 5 :

Repeat the previous step to setup the two other windows

-> WINDOW 2 has a lateral rotation offset of 0 (as it is the center one)
-> WINDOW 3 has a lateral rotation offset of 90 (as it is the right one)

Once done, click APPLY AND SAVE (you will maybe need to click it three times to save all the newly created windows.

Make sure you click it until APPLY AND SAVE doesn’t appear anymore
otherwise, you won’t be able to fly !



Here you go :
-> Outside view


-> Full cockpit

Let’s fly a bit with the CRJ 550 !

C172 Cockpit overview.


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