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Exterior Lights have stopped working!


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Hello, I've had the Aerosoft A320/21 Prof for about a year, lovely product and no real problems but I noticed the other day on arrival to LFPG at night my exterior lights weren't illuminating the ground, even though I have them on. First time this has happened which is quite strange. Restarted P3D same thing, now I have reflection profiles and tomatoshade + reshade for the aerosoft/p3d so I disabled and reinstalled everything but that made no difference. I also reinstalled P3Dv4 which made no difference and finally I reinstall the bus which made no difference. I have the A330 and those lights are working fine it's just the 20/21, I have no clue why this is happening, I haven't changed any setting, I've tinkered with EVERY single lighting setting in P3dv4 settings to no avail, dynamic lighting on/off, the whole works. I have A320 Immersion V2 and uninstalled that but once again, exterior lights aren't working. Would love some assistance.. 

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In that case something else simply has to be changed on your system. 


Look, it worked before, so you know the product does not have an issue. Now it does not work, the only possible reason is that something on your system prevents it from working. It is simply impossible for us to say what. Graphics driver? DirectX change? 

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