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Simconnect events

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I am working on a simple sharedcockpit module for the PMDG 737 in MSFS. I have managed to sync the CDU when pressing it in the virtual cockpit, by reading the ROTOR_BRAKE simconnect events. However, the CS 737X does not send these events. Is it possible to read button presses of the 737X using Simconnect? 




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  • Aerosoft

Hi Nils,


You may need to enable the data broadcasting in the PMDG 737_Options.ini file.

Please add an [SDK] section at the end of the file as follows : 




The 737_Options.ini file is located in


(Where [USERNAME] must be replaced by our name, of course.


CAUTION : Before you make ANY change to files, make a backup of it !


Best regards.

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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it is not the issue.

In my code, I listen to the ROTOR_BRAKE events that PMDG sends when a button is pressed in the VC. Unfortunately, these events are not being sent whenever I am using the hardware. So the hardware itself does work, but I was wondering whether there is a way to get button presses on the hardware through simconnect.

Best Regards,


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  • Aerosoft

This may even further help you.
This is the full events list for the B737 for FSX.
As far as I could see, these remain the same for MSFS.

There is a dedicated CDU section.


I tested the L1-Left key with AAO and it works well.
The script is as follows : 

- The event ID is 70166 as per the list.
- Set it to "1" -> Key pressed

- Small pressed delay of 100 msec 
- Set it to "0" -> Key released



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