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We have changed our support system today, and I think it is a good idea to explain why we did so.

From the customer’s point of view, the biggest change is that we now require you to fill in a form. Now we fully understand that this feels less personal and less customer-friendly. However, give me a moment to explain why this is not the case. See, if we look at tickets generated from an email, it turns out that we need to ask for further information for the vast majority of tickets before we can give a suitable reply.


For example, a typical common email we might receive is “How do I set the autopilot altitude on my Airbus?”. While this does provide some good information, we do not know in which simulator, which airbus product, and/or if this is a Steam-based product. This is particularly a problem with addons with conflicting names across simulators - such as Airbuses which can be found on our store for multiple platforms. This results in a delay in processing the ticket, as we have to ask for additional information. Depending on various factors, such as the Time Zone of the ticket creator, we could easily lose a few days before we can offer any type of resolution. Depending on the reply, we might have to ask other questions, such as what OS is being used, as not all DLC is compatible with all Operating systems.


By using a form, we can ensure we get as much information as possible and provide better and faster support. This helps us reduce costs and agent time asking for information and helps you get a better and faster reply. It also helps us in routing the ticket to the correct support officer. We support several languages, many kinds of simulators, and many kinds of platforms. So getting the ticket as fast as possible in the correct section (now mainly done manually!) can speed things up tremendously. If you want an even faster answer, check our Knowledge Base. You will find a lot of questions answered there!


So, yes, we agree it does not feel right to be ‘forced’ to fill in a form. But you can still enter exactly the same text as you would in an email, and you can still attach images and log files. And most likely, you will have to answer fewer questions to get back up and running! So that’s why. It makes things better.


If you need support, simply go to https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/, see if you can find an answer and if not, make a ticket. Existing tickets will be handled in the old system, no need to do anything.

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