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Check the PFPX temp folder - huge number of files

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Check your PFPX temporary folder. C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Temp


Mine contained a significant number of tmp files going back many months. I cleared them all out without any perceived impact on PFPX.


I'm not sure why these are never cleared out except by manual intervention.

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Mine only has files that go back to the last time I used PFPX (a week ago), 16.6 Mb in total. Just for what that's worth.


But thanks for the tip, I'll check it from time to time.

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56 minutes ago, Ray Proudfoot said:

I run PFPX on a different machine to P3D which may be a factor. Now that I’m aware of it it’s easy to check.


That shouldn't be an issue Ray as I run PFPX separately also.


Whilst not an issue the only .tmp files to delete are those related to expired planned flights, these should get removed automatically but on occasion do not.


Other temp files such as weather, notams, ots, routecache etc can be left alone unless there a problem.

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