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ATC asking you to pass a point at altitude lower vs. planned. How to reprogram FMS for descent/VNAW advisory?

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Recently I've been flying ROPO 1B STAR in Aerosoft CRJ:



with Pilot2ATC:



I was requested by ATC to pass ROPOX at FL160, while CRJ descent profile predicted much higher altitude at this point (FL305);




What actions should I take in the FMS to align my descent profile with the ATC request?


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10 minutes ago, steku said:

In the original plan KEA, the next point after ROPOX, is at FL163, so higher than the new FL160 for ROPOX. Should I manually edit enter for example FL150 at KEA?

Once you enter the information for ROPOX and activate it, the FMS will recalculate the points beyond.  

That arrival has no actual crossing restrictions.  So ATC would give you the descent.  I am guessing that you received an instruction like this from ATC.  "XYZ123, Cross ROPOX at FL160" or "Cross ROPOX at and maintain FL160".  Either way it is up to ATC to give you further descent instructions.  If I were flying this and received those instructions, I would either fly V/S mode or IAS Descent Mode, keeping an eye on the banana to make sure I would make the waypoint crossing restriction.  I would not bother putting further crossing information in the FMS for the STAR phase because I am going to be busy flying and communicating, and I don't have a first officer to do the inputs.  If I am at cruise and receive "AAL311, descend at pilots discretion to cross ROPOX and maintain FL160", I would enter that restriction to adjust my calculated TOD, but not any descent restrictions after.  I will just enter the altitude in the MCP and descend either via IAS (most likely) or V/S mode. 

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I changed the FL to the lower value assigned by ATC, as suggested. However, the value provided by VNAV advisory (after pressing DIR/INTC button) remained at the original FL. So I was only able to manage the descent in V/S mode by matching be "megenta banana" position before the waypoint with altitude restriction. The DIR/INTC page was not providing the correct descent vertical speed info.

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