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Float version(s?) rotate on hard surface.

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I spoke with my friend Captain Art Lee and he told me of a company he flew for up in northern Canada that used float Twin Otters. At the end of the season they would have the planes come back to their base airfield, land on grass, get picked and put on a dolly or trailer, then get towed to the hangar for winter storage. With this in mind I placed myself on a water aerodrome outside of Bracebridge Ontario and flew to a small grass strip just a few nautical miles away. I landed quite safely with a pretty short skid-out (rollout without wheels?), shut down, then went to an outside view to look around. As I was looking I noticed the plane was rotating counter-clockwise. When I finished with the flight I went back to the home screen and while looking at my logbook I saw in the background that the plane was doing the same thing on the concrete floor of the hangar.


Is this just me or does anyone else see this?






With this plane we can now see what's on the outside of the hangar that is the backdrop for the opening menus.


First, here's the plane after making a 90 degree turn to the left and proceeding across the floor:



Here's a shot from outside the hangar wall where we see she's made another left turn:



I stopped for lunch so I missed some stuff but, here's a shot after the plane has trekked around the outside of the hangar and is now trying to get back home before anyone notices she's been on a walkabout:







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