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I know it is a basic question, but I can not find the answer in the documentation. (Or I'm not Patient enough...)




I made a flight with A320 to EPWA, Rwy 33. I proceed direct to the most distant waypoint of the final approach line (WA534). As I approach the WPT, I changed to HDG mode. Earlier, I set the ILS freq and CRS to the FMC, so the display shows the ILS data of the runway. I pushed the LOC button of the Autopilot. As the localizer start moving, the plane did nothing.


Later, I realised, that not the "LOC" was armed after these, but "NAV APP" on the PFD, below the HDG mode.


So my question: How can I change between LOC and NAV APP functions when approaching an ILS runway?


FD/ILS both active, ILS selected on the MAP arc, FMC set correctly (CRS + Freq)....


(I know, that is not neccesary to change to HDG mode, in that situation.)

Thanks for answers!




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  • Deputy Sheriffs

What kind of approach did you enter into the “FMS”? I am not talking about the ILS freq and/or course on the RAD NAV page but the approach type on the FPLN page. 

Btw, it is not normal to enter an ILS freq and course on the RAD NAV page when flying an Airbus. Aslong as the correct ILS approach is programmed it will auto tune the ILS. Also make sure the LS button, next to the FD button, is selected. 

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