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  1. +1 would also prefer to have buses for V5 even without trueglass for now.
  2. HI, Just wanted to find out why you have not updated the A320/321 for the P3d V4.5 HF3. I believe it does work in HF3, but I am waiting for the same fixes that have been applied to the A318/19. As it seems that the V5 release is being delayed by lighting, reallight, trueglass and Lookhead Martin's HF, is it possible to get the 320/31 p3d v4 HF3 version out before then? Thanks Brian
  3. HI Oliver, Great work, all now running correctly, apart from the jetways slightly too high on the aircraft, but I can live with that. This what I call good customer service Thank you for being so prompt Brian
  4. H Oliver, Yep got the new sode files and SODE app is 1.6.8, but gate 18 the inner jetway is still going through the outer jetway. Could it be a GSX issue and I need to adjust something in the XML file?
  5. OK but one jetway is passing through the other one! This must have been there before P3DV5 but didn't notice it.
  6. Thanks, I did that, Worked it out this morning. Thanks for the heads up though. One other issue, and this is in P3dV4 and V5 there is still double jetways at gate 12 and 18.
  7. Hi, Thank you for updating the Balearic Islands for P3dV5, however last night I installed Mallorca and now see double jetways (both working). I do have the same airport installed in V4, but I installed the V5 files inside P3dV5 add-on folder. The others are inside the Aerosoft folder, so should not be interfering with the V5 install. Any suggestions? Should I remove the sode files from V4? Thanks Brian
  8. Root Admin 32583 36357 posts Report post Posted March 27 New Feature: GSMini added Bug Fix: Several CFD variables added Bug Fix: Fuel Planner corrections (alternate fuel load etc) Bug Fix: Several small issues in MCDU3 options corrected Bug Fix: occasional CTD on a flight reloading solved Bug Fix: Possible fix for stuck elevator Bug Fix: Missing Overspeed message corrected Bug Fix: ECAM CLR functionality corrected Bug Fix: Cabin light was not dimmable during take off and landing phases due to missing file (A330) Bug Fix: Fixes in STEP ALTs: STEP ALTs worked incorrectly with TMPY, making it impossible to make an input, scratchpad message was triggered before the INSERT. Bug Fix: issues with TRANS FL solved ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK Thanks for the explanation, but according to Mathijs (see quote above) it has been implemented. Thanks Brian
  9. I know this is an old thread and I know this is going to be a stupid question, but what is this ground speed mini and how do I access it? I have not seen any reference to it in the manuals, or I am getting old and just missed it. Please enlighten an old man who's going stir crazy during this lockdown. Brian
  10. I think they are working on it, not clever on Lockheed Martin to do that, just makes Devs lives more difficult. Have you tried it with HF3? It may just work as there were no significant changes for HF3 Brian
  11. I didn't get that problem. I know there is an issue if you chose the default aircraft and load that at your airport and then change the aircraft it crashes p3dv5. That has been reported on the p3d forums. I chose the airbus from the start and loaded that at the airport i was flying from and it loaded fine no crashes. Brian
  12. Just copy the text from the add-on.cfg from V4 and paste into add-on.cfg of V5. The add-on.cfg file is in C:\programData\LockheedMartin\prepar3dV4\add-on.cfg. Then into prepar3d V5\add-on.cfg run p3dv5 and you should see the aircraft listed. Make sure you check the numbering on the text you paste over, it has to be sequencial. Did a flight last night and all seems well, checklist worked perfectly, chaseplane worked, gsx2 worked, only issue I had was lighting, which I think there is a file missing, need to have a look in the effects folders or p3dv4. It was very stable and fps was not an issue. I even got Pro ATC X to work. Good luck. Gonna do another flight today and put on youtube. Brian
  13. ported over A320-A321. first look, no integral or flood lights. But I haven't moved any files from p3dv4 folder, so there maybe something in there. Having said that, it all seems to be working, going to have a fly later and see how it goes. Well get back to you later. Brian
  14. On the AS updater click on experimental option at the bottom, then restart the updater and you should then see V1.3.0.5. On your query of the option MCDU there is no 3d model on the small busses only a 2D option. Click at the top of one of the MCDU's (where the little black rectangles are and you will get the 3rd MCDU. If you are on the A330, there is a 3rd MCDU below the throttle quadrant. Brian
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