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  1. Also check out these two options: https://www.howtogeek.com/296918/how-to-stop-windows-from-powering-off-your-usb-devices/ and this https://helpdeskgeek.com/how-to/prevent-windows-from-powering-off-usb-device/
  2. HI Hans, Been following this thread all afternoon and I am having similar issue. These are the tests that I have done. Clean installation of P3dV5 HF2, installed CRJ Pro, loaded p3d to default scenario (KRND) at the active runway, turned all lights on and changed to night. Landing lights did not show up on the runway, but they do show up on the grass verge. Changed to Gatwick extreme from uk2000 to the active, landing lights showed up very briefly then virtually disappeared, from the outside you can see the lights on the runway but they are very faint. Changed to KABQ (default) to the active, landing lights showed up and lit the runway, all seemed ok at this airport. Hope that helps you to verify. I can take screen shots if needed. Cheers Brian
  3. HI, On either of the MCDU's click on the black strIps at the top of the MCDU and you should get the 3rd MCDU, you will then find the options you are looking for. You can also get this 3rd MCDU by going to the Prepar3d menu at the top and then to the aircraft menu. BTW I am sure if you read the manual, you will find also your answer, have you read it?
  4. If you look closely you can see that the text on the right MCDU is misplaced and not in line with the buttons, so the line is not actually missing just shifted down. The MCDU on the left has the test in the correct place. Brian
  5. mmm, I think, if you look back over the forums, Mathijs advised that although the airbuses were being released, they are using beta versions of reallight and trueglass, (as is QW) he also advised users not to use the airbus until P3D V5HF2 was released. All through this thread we have been saying that the issue to the OPs problem was reallight. This is not the fault of aerosoft!!!
  6. Exactly what I do now, but still needs to be rectified, combination of P3dV5 HF1 and reallight. I am hoping the HF2 will fix it. Brian
  7. HI, I have being doing some tests regarding this issue, which also happens with the QW787. If you load into turn around state the issues goes away after initialisation, you can then, if you want, switch back to cold and dark. If you disable reallight the problem does not appear, even loading from a default plane and then loading Airbus from the gate. I do not think it is an Aerosoft or Qualitywings issue. The QW forums have confirmed that it is a reallight issue and TFDI are working on it. Hope that helps
  8. I think it's an LM issue, it seems that the graphics are not being released properly and what you are seeing is textures from the previous plane. When I load directly into the a320 all is fine, but if I load the default plane and then when at the stand change to the airbus i get these anomalies. Maybe post on prepar3ds forum. will try from a warm start instead of cold and dark. Brian
  9. HI, When you load the aircraft do you load a default plane first and then switch to the AS320? Try loading straight into AS320 from the scenario screen, does it still have pink switches? Brian
  10. +1 would also prefer to have buses for V5 even without trueglass for now.
  11. HI, Just wanted to find out why you have not updated the A320/321 for the P3d V4.5 HF3. I believe it does work in HF3, but I am waiting for the same fixes that have been applied to the A318/19. As it seems that the V5 release is being delayed by lighting, reallight, trueglass and Lookhead Martin's HF, is it possible to get the 320/31 p3d v4 HF3 version out before then? Thanks Brian
  12. HI Oliver, Great work, all now running correctly, apart from the jetways slightly too high on the aircraft, but I can live with that. This what I call good customer service Thank you for being so prompt Brian
  13. H Oliver, Yep got the new sode files and SODE app is 1.6.8, but gate 18 the inner jetway is still going through the outer jetway. Could it be a GSX issue and I need to adjust something in the XML file?
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