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[FMS] Adding "/0" to a waypoint should turn it into a flyover waypoint

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Another useful tool of the RW FMS e.g. to avoid premature turns. It should be integrated in the addon.


Excerpt from the FMS 4200 Manual:


Waypoints can be designated as flyover waypoints, which require the airplane to fly over the waypoint before initiating a turn.


Any non-flyover waypoint can be transformed into a flyover waypoint. On the MFD Plan map, when the flyover attribute is added, the flight plan route is drawn as a line through the flyover waypoint. An arrowhead that points toward the waypoint that follows the flyover waypoint indicates an offset from the next course because of the flyover.


To create a flyover waypoint:


1. Push the LEGS button to show the ACT/MOD LEGS page.

2. Push the NEXT PAGE or PREV PAGE key as necessary to show the page with the waypoint to be designated a flyover waypoint.

3. If the scratchpad is not empty, use the CLR function key to clear the scratchpad.

4. Push the left side line select key next to the desired waypoint to copy the waypoint identifier to the scratchpad.

5. Using the keypad, add a /0 (slash – zero) suffix to the waypoint identifier to enable the flyover attribute.

6. Push the line select key for the waypoint identifier to transfer the modified waypoint identifier from the scratchpad.


To disable a user defined fly-over attribute just do the above again.

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