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Sync Issue with the FMC I am having when powering up the 737

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I have a minor issue because restarting P3D fixes it.  I am using the PDGM 737 NDXu.   I first start the bridge for the CockpitMaster FMC and I get a bland screen as expected.  Then start P3D 5.3 and load the 737 cold dark start.   When I power up the battery the CPU starts, and everything is working well.  However, once I have started the sim and loaded the 737, I do not turn of the power right away, it could be like 15 minutes or so.   When I do turn of the battery on the 737, the FMC display on the CockpitMaster FMC is still blank.  Closing the bridge and unplugging the FMC then restart it does not help.  Shutting down the sim and restarting it fixes it, so my work around is turn on the battery first and ground power and then walk away from it to do what I need to do elsewhere.   It could be a USB thing; I don't know but it does not matter if the USB is plugged into the computer or a USB hub.   Anyway, if anyone has suggestions on a solution thanks.     I am running P3D HF1, version 9.9 of the bridge for the FMC.  


I fixed this now replacing the USB cable

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