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Regarding the "Taxiway not connected to the main graph" issue.

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Hello everyone. I was picking up some random posts in the forums and I ended up reading this somewhere in the announcements:




Unfortunately Sim update 7 and related SDK has caused an issue. Every taxiway, every parking bay, every taxiway point, hold shorts, solid centrelines no longer connected to graph (whatever that means) and would have to be completely redone. The good news is that all versions are working that i have uploaded., just that everything would have to be redone unless sim update 8 fixes this.


I had this issue myself when updating my airports and the solution is simple even tho the output error is misleading.


MSFS basically wants the taxi "graph" as a closed circuit, With no dead ends but what ends in a parking/gate/ramp/fuel/whatever.

What's misleading is the error itself since it shows in red RANDOM taxi points. That's because the sim just doesn't know what should be connected to what exactly. Any point could be connected to any other.


The only workaround so far is to:

-connect isolated taxis to the main ones

-if one taxi path is for pure aesthetics, set it to "road" in its properties



This applies to old airports which works if compiled too, even tho the issue doesn't trigger right after in my cases. Had various projects loading the errors just after a few edits and after compiling, preventing me to save anything.


Long story short, do not mind what's red in the airport browser. Just look for unconnected areas / dead ends / open taxi loops and connect them so they are as expected! 




Hope this helps.




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