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Lightning F Mk.53


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Since the recent update to the Mk. 6 and Mk. 2A models, I'm back to testing my flying skills with the Lightning.


Recently, I noticed that the keyboard shortcuts on the Mk. 53 are not working.  They work on the other models.  This is for an FSXA install, BTW.


I just did a full uninstall/reinstall and verified my observation.  No change.


Not a big issue as I can still setup the radar using the VC switches.





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    The keyboad commands are in  ....panel / Lit_Tac / keys.xml ......and can be set to any combination you desire ,

  In panel.cfg make sure the keys.xml is called up in [VCockpit 02}

Don't forget the keyboard commands will only work whilst in VC mode.

  Merry Christmas :0)


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Yes, all is as it should be and I've tested the commands in the VC mode.


The entries in panel [VCockpit02] are the same as in other models.


Wait.  I just compared the keys.xml file to another and noted the commands for the radar are different for the F.53.  Hmm.  May look at this further.


And a Merry Christmas to you as well.  8<)



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Okay, got it figured out.


I use the keyboard commands primarily for the radar.  The keys.xml for the F.53 was missing an entry for removing the radar boot, so that was added.  And the command for turning the radar off and on is different than with the other models, "C" instead of "Ctrl+Shift+3."


I may take a closer look at aligning the other commands and resetting those for the additional weapons so I don't get myself confused when flying different models.


Fun stuff.  I wasn't doing much over the holidays anyway.

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