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[GVBA] Boa Vista some issues


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@Jonas S.

Just did a flight into Boa Vista, and after landing I found some issues (latest version installed via Aerosoft Updater):


  • After leaving the runway I could not ask ATC for a parking spot
  • After parking at gate 5, I have no ground services, only pushback
  • Also no EXT PWR is available when parked


Have attached some screenshots


Ground Services.png


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Same here. There is no external power at every gate oder parking position. There is no chance to fly with the FBW A320 Cold and dark, I can t get any power in the plane. Why ? This is a standard at all airports, this feature is everywhere available, why is it deleted in this sceney ? It would be absolute easy to add this feature, but nothing happens since months. So I am very dissapointed and can t use my payware. 


Please add external power, without that the use of the scenery is not possible .





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  • Aerosoft

Hi Christian,


I will check again on the lack of external power. From what I could see, neither LIDO nor Jeppesen Charts show runway lighting for Boa Vista. In this case the scenery depicts the reality with only a PAPI being available.

Regarding your FBW: Did you try starting the FBW using the APU instead of external power? This would be a simple and quick workaround.

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My airline is prohibited from operating into BVC at night due to “minimal runway lighting” I did have to operate into there years ago at dusk and there was certainly very little lighting but can’t remember what there was. 

There’s even restrictions on using the papis on runway 03 beyond 4.5NM due to terrain. 


We are also prohibited from take offs from runway 21 


Wind is normally from the north though with runway 03 in use and it’s become far better there with the introduction of RNAV approaches. 

Hopefully a SID/GVAC will become available for FS2020 as that’s just next door and can take larger aircraft.

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Hello folks,


The afcad fix is now near. You can get it next week if the schedule of our friends at Aerosoft allows it.
Please excuse me for the wait, I was not aware of this bug.


Yours sincerely,

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The update is a joke!
I really wonder if the creator even wants it anymore. To me, this airport looks unfinished. Actually, the terminal is very nicely modeled and provided with nice details, but not properly finished.
What about the fence that ends shortly after the terminal or tower. After the update, part of the ground service is available, but so poorly placed that the catering truck and baggage cart merge under the wing
and the ground staff keep running into the plane. And what about the gangway? He completely forgot about that. Unfortunately, this is the case in all parking positions. I've never experienced that with a payware addon!

Is this the case for all players?



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On 2/20/2022 at 9:27 PM, Gstove said:

Not sure about other issues but there’s no “gangway” in Boa Vista. Passengers walk from the terminal to the aircraft. 

I think he means the option 'Ramp connection' which brings a stair to the aircraft ;)

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6 hours ago, Er!k said:

I think he means the option 'Ramp connection' which brings a stair to the aircraft ;)

Thanks Er!k I wasn’t sure.


Are you on the 78 with TUI NL? I’m on it with TUI U.K. so I haven’t flown the one in your profile pic. 

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