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Display problem with FSX steam edition

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Hi I just received a CS 737X CDU

I like it 'cause it's very high quality replica of 737 CDU


it nicely works with X-plane11 ZIBO 737NGX


but the only black screen is displayed when I playing the PMDG 737NGX on FSX steam edition

Button key input is working on the FSX but the display isn't (display backlight is ON and button light is illuminated)


bridge software version is V0.9.99 and device firmware version is V1.5.1




by the way, 

do you have any plan to release the MCP and EFIS control panel of the B737? I'm very looking forward to

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  • Aerosoft

Hi Racrow,

You may try this as PMDG disables communication output by default.


To enable the data communication output,

you will need to open the file

that is located in the folder


Once this folder is open, add the following

two lines to the bottom of the file:




Best regards.

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thanks for reply


but in my 737NGX_Options.ini file

EnableDataBroadcast=1 line was already existed




is my condition now

and still nothing is displayed on my CS 737X CDU


when I push the button on CS 737X CDU it works on the CDU of PMDG


I tried with both PC and Laptop, same problem was occur


could you recommend another way to?


Best regards.



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