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Aircraft turning too early before waypoint


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Good day. 


Using the model 900 / 1000, while following flight plan route as navigation, the plane start turning way too early before the waypoint. 

Here is a screenshot showing the issue




The plane is supposed to turn right at GIGIR waypoint. It starts turning right too early. Then turning left to catch the route. 

It is still zigzaging ( problem known ) and making it not realistic at all. 

I bought the addon on aerosoft website. 


Thank you for your help. 

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One thing to remember, whether the aircraft is set to 1/2 bank or not, the CRJ turns, when the autopilot is flying the lateral nav, with a FIXED bank angle.  This means that it must calculate when to make the turn to be on course for the next way point.  Even after this is "fixed", if you zoom in like in the posted picture, you will see an early turn.  If you were zoomed out to a level that would be more normal than in the picture, you would not see that gap or it would be far less noticeable.  The CRJ is not a B737 or A320 and does not turn with variable bank when on autopilot.  

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