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The Future of the F-14 Tomcat?


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I see there has been no activity in the F-14 forum for some time now so I figured I would try here.... I was wondering does the F-14 have a future here at Aerosoft? 


1. Tacpack for P3D V5 should be out in a few weeks per the VRS forums and to my understanding the Tomcat mostly works in V5 as it is (heard some issues with AB effects) is there in the works / will there be a P3Dv5 update?


2. Looking to the future, while MSFS has not fully caught on yet... 1. they are just now going to DX12; 2. they are just now starting to support supersonic aircraft and ABs; 3. VRS has stated that Tacpack support for MSFS 2020 is a ways down the road... But wondering if the F-14X will find it's way to MSFS 2020 in the future? I saw DC designs has released a F-14 but politely put it pales in comparison to the Aerosoft F-14x we all know and love, in terms of realism and quality... It would be a shame to see such a great product become part of the past... 



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As with basically non MSFS projects development is closed.  The simple fact is that any time spend on it will not produce more sales so no developer will invest in it. That is not so much a decision of Aerosoft but of the developers of the products.

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