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The Future of the F-14 Tomcat?


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I see there has been no activity in the F-14 forum for some time now so I figured I would try here.... I was wondering does the F-14 have a future here at Aerosoft? 


1. Tacpack for P3D V5 should be out in a few weeks per the VRS forums and to my understanding the Tomcat mostly works in V5 as it is (heard some issues with AB effects) is there in the works / will there be a P3Dv5 update?


2. Looking to the future, while MSFS has not fully caught on yet... 1. they are just now going to DX12; 2. they are just now starting to support supersonic aircraft and ABs; 3. VRS has stated that Tacpack support for MSFS 2020 is a ways down the road... But wondering if the F-14X will find it's way to MSFS 2020 in the future? I saw DC designs has released a F-14 but politely put it pales in comparison to the Aerosoft F-14x we all know and love, in terms of realism and quality... It would be a shame to see such a great product become part of the past... 



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