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  1. Yes much clearer... Thanks for all the help!
  2. Hi Mopperle, So now that I am home for the day I have some time to tinker with this... So it now works... 1. I registered and started up P3Dv4 for the first time... 2. I found the P3Dv4 add-ons file where you said it would be on my c-drive under my documents 3. I then directed the installer to that folder 4. it installed to that folder... My question now is can I re-direct the installer to another folder and keep everything on my E: Drive or does it have to stay there on my C: drive? Thanks
  3. Out of curiosity what mistakes might I have made? The P3D Install was pretty straight forward the only option it gives you during install is where to put it so I switched it from C:\Program files.... to E:\Program files... With regard to the Aerosoft installer all I did was change the one and only option it gave me from C:\ to E:\... Since I had only one option during install I am not sure what I would have messed up...? Also based on some of the other threads it does seem as though this installer has proven somewhat problematic for other users as well...
  4. Ok so I tired to uninstall and re-install everything after I re-lettered the drive to E: and again same issue... The VRS, FSUIPC and FSX@War installers had no issues finding P3D on E: this time... But again F-14X wants to point back to C: and gives me the same errors... Heading to work now but can post pic later...
  5. Hi Mopperle, Thanks for the response. Please see attached. Since this is a brand new hard driver perhaps I will uninstall everything, re-name and re-install... Based on the registry location it looks like everything pointed to the correct location... Perhaps it is the drive letter?
  6. Hello, So I finally upgraded to P3Dv4 and am now trying to install the V3 Tomcat... However, when I installed my copy of P3Dv4 I installed it to a hard drive other than my C / System drive... In my case it was my A: drive I chose to install to...However, the Aerosoft installer keeps trying to point to install in the C drive... Thus creating the following error: Is there way to redirect the installer paths to my A drive / P3D installation there? Perhaps changing a registry entry? So far Superbug / Tacpack / FSUIPC5 all found the A drive path automatically and just fine... This is the only installer giving me any issues... Thanks
  7. For what it's worth I can understand where the confusion is coming from... As when I go to my order / download page it still reflects v 2.02 as being the version purchased / available... I am hoping by the file dates reflected 19.01.2018 that it is the v 3 and am re-downloading now to see if it is...?
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