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  1. Any chance we will see the F-14x in MSFS then? DC designs one looks like unrealistic garbage so surely there would be a market for the Aerosoft one...
  2. I see there has been no activity in the F-14 forum for some time now so I figured I would try here.... I was wondering does the F-14 have a future here at Aerosoft? 1. Tacpack for P3D V5 should be out in a few weeks per the VRS forums and to my understanding the Tomcat mostly works in V5 as it is (heard some issues with AB effects) is there in the works / will there be a P3Dv5 update? 2. Looking to the future, while MSFS has not fully caught on yet... 1. they are just now going to DX12; 2. they are just now starting to support supersonic aircraft and ABs; 3. VRS has stated that Tacpack support for MSFS 2020 is a ways down the road... But wondering if the F-14X will find it's way to MSFS 2020 in the future? I saw DC designs has released a F-14 but politely put it pales in comparison to the Aerosoft F-14x we all know and love, in terms of realism and quality... It would be a shame to see such a great product become part of the past... Thanks
  3. Another interesting discussion on missing AB effects this time regarding the Alphasim F-4 revival for P3D with Tacpack. JP (and co)'s Alphasim/Virtavia F-4 Revival for FSX/P3D - Page 18 (sim-outhouse.com) the post of interest is by rcbarend on 7/35/21 which states: "In P3Dv5.2, switching the reheat effects from the mdl code appears not to work; no clue why (I don't use P3D). So Mike's trick to use the P3D reheat effect filenames in the Smokesystem section of the aircraft.cfg's probably works. Or install the FSX Effects folder instead of changing the aircraft.cfg files ; should have the same result." Looking at the F-14X the burner and many other effects are coded into the model itself and not in the aircraft.cfg file; so perhaps the answer is to go back and add those effects into the aircraft.cfg file...
  4. I have yet to pay for a Tacpack update at started with early versions (both FSX and V4) and am now using I always just downloaded the latest version from the forum at no charge(announcements>latest software updates)... Yes you can buy a maintenance plan but that is different... The only time I paid to "upgrade" is when I went from using FSX to using P3dv4 and I bought the x64bit licenses...
  5. For me if they were to put out a new version with say more avionics features such as working INS panel ect, and a PBR model I would probably consider say around $15 for the upgraded version or just for a port over I would say $5 but like anyone would prefer it for free... I would argue those fair prices based on the fact that this product retails for $46 on store.flightsim.com and I was one of the early purchasers so as I recall I only paid around $30 for this product when it first came out; granted VRS has not stated they are going to charge for their V5 upgrade it is included as part of my 64-bit purchases of the Bug / Tacpack respectively...
  6. Ok how do we go about accomplishing some bribery and corruption then?!?!
  7. Great news!!! In the VRS Forums they have state they are shooting for a mid-November release for Tacpack Support for P3d V5!!! Now the next question is whose door do we have to bang down to get an updated afterburner effect that will work in V5???
  8. While I have not made the jump to V5 yet I was wondering it this might have something to do with / be a fix for the missing afterburner? "The glaring light could be that the developers of the P3Dv5 have made changes to the particle system. In my projects, all P3Dv4 Effects files for the P3Dv5 have to be revised. There are 2 new values in the "ParticleAttributes" section: [ParticleAttributes.0] Color Start=0, 0, 0, 0 Color End=255, 196, 136, 1 Bounce=0.00 X Scale Goal=0.00 Y Scale Goal=0.00 Z Scale Goal=0.00 Falloff Exponent=1.0 Inner Cone Angle=45.00 Outer Cone Angle=180.00 Intensity Day=0.00 Intensity Night=100.00 In addition, the effect is now switched on or off via the "Color End" value: 0 = OFF, 1 = On So much for my discoveries regarding the changed particle system. Hopefully it will help you a little"
  9. Shame to hear that. Admittedly I think reason V5 is slow to catch on is that a lot of addon devs are taking their time updating their stuff to V5. For example Tacpack is still not V5 compatible yet and neither is my iFLY 744... Which makes a lot of us with payware addons stay with V4 until we see that we can use our addons since those addons in many cases cost more than the P3D license itself. That being stated from what I have heard the F-14 seems to work in V5 for the most part as is but the afterburner effect is missing... I know several devs have stated there are challenges related to the DX12 usage. That being stated once I see more of my addons become V5 compatible I fully plan to move to V5 as from the previews I have seen the graphics look amazing and after having beta tested MSFS2020 I have decided to stay with P3D...
  10. Has the F-14X been tried yet or are they waiting for VRS to put out a V5 Tacpack update before testing the fighters?
  11. So has anyone tried the Cat in V5 yet and if so how does it work?!?!
  12. So a few weeks ago I upgraded to the latest version of the F-14X... My issue is that the Payload Manager Panel (shift-2) no longer saves Sim Start Options on the control tab so every time I load the F-14X or switch between F-14X variants I have to re-check all the boxes. As I recall in the last version whatever I had checked was saved an autoloaded anytime I loaded the Tomcat. Any ideas as to what to do about this or is this just a characteristic of the latest version? Thanks
  13. PM sent hopefully I get a response... Thanks
  14. I was wondering if anyone knows where the Santa Cat can be downloaded from? It looks like this has been done based on this thread (reference the 11/6/16 post by isoko) but I can't seem to find it anywhere and it doesn't appear to be part of the VF-103 final cruise 4 part package... Thanks
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