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Aerosoft One updated to 0.12.0

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  • v0.12.0 — Alpha 12 (October 25, 2021)
    • New features:
      • Map Search: The Map now has a search button in the bottom left corner. Products can be filtered by title, article number, and ICAO code.
      • Desktop Notifications: The Queue now emits desktop notifications. Notifications of task success are emitted only when the app window isn’t focused. Notifications of task errors are always emitted. Notifications can be enabled/disabled from Settings > Account & Settings.
      • Download Region: Users can now select a download server region in Settings > Account & Settings to get the fastest download speeds.
      • Service Information: Information about planned service outages or other service information can now be sent to users and is displayed in Settings > Service Information (this area is only accessible if there is an active service alert). During an active service alert, a notification is displayed in the app’s navigation bar. Service alerts are retrieved automatically every hour (if the app is running).
    • Improvements:
      • Map: Product cards now display ICAO codes.
      • Library: Purchasable add-ons can now also be filtered by ICAO code.
      • Library: The app now checks for existing conflicts when installing a product. For example, if a user tries to install Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 550/700/900/1000 when Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 550/700 is already installed (either by Aerosoft One or a setup installer), the app asks the user to uninstall Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 550/700 first.
      • Library & Updates: When installing or updating a product, the check for available drive space now reserves additional drive space that the operations already present in the queue would occupy.
      • Library & Updates: When installing, updating, or uninstalling a product, the app now checks if its associated simulator is already running. If it’s running, the user is asked to close it first.
      • Updates: Product updates are now retrieved automatically every hour (if the app is running).
    • Bug fixes:
      • Queue: Fixed incorrect download speeds being displayed for Update tasks. Unrealistic speeds such as 160 Bytes/s should no longer be displayed.
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