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CTD on creating WAYPOINTS a330


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since i installed the a330 the first time, right at launch, i try ctd when i try to create WAYPOINTS in mcdu airbus, i reinstalled it these days after a long time, thinking that it had been resolved, but no, it still happens ctd when I try to create WAYPOINTS... does anyone know why? I can't see the code in the windows event viewer.


sometimes I need to put radials in approximations, but most of the time CTD

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  • Manducci changed the title to CTD on creating WAYPOINTS a330
8 hours ago, Jonas S. said:



which version did you install? Does this happen with specific waypoints?

I downloaded the aircraft again this week, so it's the latest version, but I remember it always happened, every time I moved this part of the MCDU the simulator would close.

I can create the points, but the CTD happens when I click on the "abeam" button, which I honestly don't even know what it's for, but I clicked and CTD

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  • Aerosoft

Hi Manducci,

Could you go through the exact steps that you take to recreate the CTD? Which MCDU page are you trying to create a waypoint into? Which exact waypoint is that?

When you say about abeam function that would suggest to me that you are on Direct page. Are you trying to enter a direct to a waypoint that is existing on your flight plan?

Please be as specific as possible with the steps that you take. Best would be if you could take a video of it.

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