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  1. Guys! ... Even if I set the trim correctly according to the FMGS at the time of T.O CHECK it says it is wrong .. does anyone have this problem? is usually 0.8, I set this and he understands it as wrong
  2. the big problem is the difference in clarity of the a330's windshield compared to the others, i can't particularly adapt, i feel blind, especially at night the a330 has a much darker windshield than the eighth aircraft, comp had commented, I strictly followed the manual settings
  3. guys, good night. I know that this subject is more than commented on the forum, but I still have this problem. I know that Aerosoft darkened the windshield to achieve the effects of reflections, however it is very bad ... I think the aircraft is incredible because of the PBR, but when I leave some other aircraft, like the PMDG and go to the a330, I have a hard time flying because of the dark windshield. I followed all the settings recommendations in the manual, I already cleared the shadow cache, I did EVERYTHING, but it is still dark. Is there no way to remove it?
  4. I have a question ... does aerosoft intend to put the visual technology of the a330 cockpit on the 319-320? guys, the a330 cockpit was exceptional ... excellent graphics quality, full of PBR ...
  5. I can't install textures on the a321 in any way .. I tried all the ways, with the library manager, modifying the aircraft.cg, everything ... I can with all the other models, except the a321 .. any trick? I install textuas and they don't appear in prepar3d
  7. well ... my airbus a330 crashing on cruise or at random times, i found here topics flashing about it .. i tried to repair the dll and i couldn't. I also tried to download the dll and replace, after that my windows did not restart and I needed to restore. it only happens with the a330, with the other models it doesn't. Can someone help me?
  8. several waypoints missing on procedures in SBSP Stars.. a lot of procedures arr (app) missing o SBRJ... i try both databades, navigraph and navdata... both updated... ps: im using de a319.. so this aircraft can land in short rwys... Moderator Edit: Font size in message reduced to 14 point to remove the shouting effect of the original 28 point.
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