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Spoiler Lever in Cockpit Not Moving with Honeycomb Bravo Throttles

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I don't know if this is in the right place so move it if you feel it belongs somewhere else.


I run P3Dv5.2 with Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo controls.  With all my Aerosoft Airbuses I use lever 1 on the Bravo for Spoilers.  The issue I have is that with the lever movement on the Bravo the spoiler in the virtual cockpit will not move, however, the spoilers on the wing actually do move as I move the lever.   I have version 2.1.0 for the configurator you built and the A320 & A330 profiles v1.0.0 from the download site.

I also use FSUIPC to calibrate my axis; for the spoiler lever I set it up the same way as my Quality Wings & PMDG aircraft which work properly with cockpit lever movement with the Bravo lever.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing this issue in my Aerosoft busses?



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Dear HondaJet,

Can you make the following test ?

Temporarily deactivate FSUIPC and the Configurator and assign the Bravo lever to the Spoiler axis in P3D directly.
So basically avoid third-party prgram and go back to the basic.

From there, we can investigate further.


Thank you.

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