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  1. Can you provide a link to Flysimware Falcon50 PFPX profile Emanuel? I searched all over and could not find it. Thanks, Jerry
  2. I owned the previous 32bit version of the A320 series and I really appreciate you giving us a 50% discount on the new bundle. That really helps old retired guys like me. I will also mention I am still running Win7 for my P3Dv4 sim and it seems to be working just fine. Thanks, Jerry
  3. Thanks for your input Hans & JR. I will do as you say. Jerry
  4. Thank you very much Andrew. I have all the same things as you do, perfect fit. There is a bus pro in my future now thanks to you. Jerry
  5. Thanks for your note Andrew. So I can confirm this in my mind - you have the new bus pro working in Win7 now? When you did the 4.3 update to P3D did you ONLY do the Client files, nothing else? It is good to know the bus pro does work in Win7 64bit. Thanks, Jerry
  6. I could not find info about this so I am asking here. I see SP1 for CRJ requires P3Dv4.3. My question is about updating from v4.2 to 4.3. Can that be done with just the Client update or does it also require the update to Content? I assume the answer will also apply to the new Airbus Pro release. I am still running my sim on Win7 so hope this SP1 for CRJ will still work there. I am holding off my purchase for v4.3 until I know it will work on Win7. Thanks, Jerry
  7. Thanks Milonas, I checked that and it was ON so I tested it OFF. There was no change, however, I did find my problem. Since one of the defaults is ENG STARTUP I assumed it was ok to have a space in name. That is not the case. Once I took out the space to experiment it worked. I don't see any way to set my newly created user state to be the default - too bad.
  8. I had this same problem in v4.0 also. I start with the Turnaround as my default state. Then makes some changes like shut down APU and a few other things. Then try to save the state as a User state. It does nothing at that point and I have no user state listed on the left side of CDU. My friend and I were doing this exactly the same at the same time with him in FSX. It worked for him in FSX but no joy in P3Dv4. Anyone got some ideas? Thanks for any help you can provide. Jerry
  9. Thanks Dave for your post. I should have been more clear about my request. What I meant was I want PFPX to create an Export format that will work for the CRJ and the B717. Each have different formats required for Company Routes that are not currently available in PFPX as far as I can tell. I am hoping they will work them up and release an update soon to support these new aircraft. Jerry
  10. I would also like to have the CRJ flight plan format. Along with the TFDi B717 flight plan format. Thanks Jerry
  11. I'm looking for a profile for the flysimware Lear35A. Has anyone seen one or is someone working on one? Thanks, Jerry
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