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Oceanic Entry checks

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When entering oceanic space, I see the following checks from the PFPX default OFP:







I understand the middle two, but what are pilots supposed to check with the first (LR NAV) and the last (HF)? I can guess that LR NAV means to check the accuracy of the long-range navigation equipment, and HF means high-frequency radio, but what would that mean in practice? I imagine this will be dependent on the aircraft being flown. Would this typically mean cross-checking the GPS and the IRS, if the aircraft has that equipment? Is there any maximum error tolerance? And the PFPX OFP has blanks for CPT, STBY, and F/O... again, on an aircraft with L and R GPS, and L, R, and C IRS, does that really fit here (five navigation data sources)? Also, with HF, is that just checking that the HF radio is sending and receiving properly, or is there a tolerance check that's expected? Sorry for beginner's questions... Thanks.

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Belisar posted an ETOPS guide which includes the NAV check, the PDF files are available HERE


An HF radio check wasn't included at the time as it wasn't simulated by Vatsim, I believe that has since changed. This would include a SELCAL check as well as audio.

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