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gchi el hierro low fps


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I don't think it's due to a spec issue.

cpu i7

ram 32 GB

nvidia 1070 ti

I don't have this problem with any other scenery. i.e. La Gomera GCGM, La Palma GCLA or Tenerife. Even with a mega airport like LEMD Madrid Barajas I get an acceptable fps.

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Today I tried with 3 different aircrafts at parking 1 of GCHI


A2A beechcraft bonanza (addon aircraft) --> 5 fps

Lockheed Martin F35 (default aircraft) --> 7 fps

Maule (default aircraft) --> 22 fps

SO: windows 10 (21H1)


10 hours ago, Jonas S. said:

Does this only happen with one specific aircraft? Which windows version do you use?


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10 hours ago, OPabst said:

Hello @Opbast

try the file for the simple plattform you find here:



Make a backup of the original one first. On some PC's the plattform can generate such frame drops.



I replaced the GCHI_OBJ-Platform.BGL file with the file in "simple platform"

And now there are 31 fps (limited at p3d option)




 I suppose I'm missing some platform details



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