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'fsdg-fimp-mauritius' scenery doesn't load with last SIM update 5

Manu SilverLiner

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It seems that since the last update SIM 5 of MSF, the scene 'fsdg-fimp-mauritius' (purchase on the Store Game)  can't be loaded (loading progress bar is stuck in the middle)...

I think you are aware of this issue and I would like to know when you expect to release a patch for this scene 'fsdg-fimp-mauritius'

"title": "FIMP Mauritius Airport & Island",
  "manufacturer": "",
  "creator": "FSDG",
  "package_version": "1.2.0",
  "minimum_game_version": "1.14.6",

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

With the latest SU5 Asobo messed up the sim completely, which effected nearly all add-ons.

And before FSDG (NOT Aerosoft!) can release an update (if necessary), we need to wait for Asobo to fix all this mess and get a stable sim.

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