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Problem with Flight factor (2)

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Sorry... English is not my language.. I am from Spain.
I bought the program at Aerosoft..... and not bought only this one..... and I have done all the things  you posted when you have a problem with FlightFactor.And Aerosoft  just close the topic... 

I think.... that is not the correct way..... I am saying that the Flight Factor Support not works.... and you said that is not your ticket support... but you sell all of their products... .. 

I just contact with the one.. i bought it..... 

I think... it is not the correct way...... 

I put he same message again..... I have still the same problem........ 


When you make a ticket, one of the fields is the key number, and I don't understand why they tell me what the key number is, .... I send it to you ... twice ... that was on the 30th of June, and on July 3 I have sent you the plane code again ...

until today .. I have not received any response.

I don't understand why, if one of the data they ask for is the product key, why they ask me for it again. Also ... I have sent them twice ... I give them the emails that I have had with them. Logically, I have deleted my product key and my email.



icket #042547    

Ticket Status: Open
Department: Support
Create Date: 06/28/2021 11:01 am
Name: José Fuentes
Email: ________________________
Product Name: Boeing 767
Subject: Need to reset my key number


Subject: Reset my key number.
06/28/2021 11:01 am    José FUENTES
Hi: I try to install the latest version of th B767 (also with FPDS), and it said it has to reset the key. 

Please, can you reset it.

Thanks in advance.
06/30/2021 7:53 pm    XXX
Please provide the key for the B767
07/01/2021 1:06 pm    Jose Gmail

The B767-300 extended key is _______________________________________




De: Flight Factor Support System [mailto:XXX]
Enviado el: miércoles, 30 de junio de 2021 20:53
Asunto: Re: Reset my key number. [#042547]



07/03/2021 2:12 pm    José FUENTES
Please.. can you  reset my key (my key is ___________________________________________

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  • Aerosoft

I have again removed email addresses from your post and also names from people you don't not know if they are ok with being posted publicly.


Just a thought on your post: have you noticed that there is a weekend between your email sending in your serial number to flight factor and now? Maybe the good people from there are simply not working on weekends?


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