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CDU Software guideline

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Dear all,


Congratulation to those who have received the CDU device. Here are some useful tips on the software:


1. The software needs to be run at all times when flying your simulator;

2. The latest SW update is v0.9.99. This version enables two CDU to work for captain/co-pilot positions simultaneously;

3. For captain/co-pilot postion switching, please follow the below steps:

  • Press MENU + 8;
  • The screen show selection page, press 1 for captain, 2 for co-pilot;
  • Press EXEC;
  • Unplug/Plug the USB to reboot CDU;
  • Go to the software CDU page and choose RIGHT SIDE for co-pilot position (Default is LEFT SIDE captain position);

4. For FW update please follow the below steps:

  • Unplug CDU; 
  • Press INIT + 5 and hold;
  • Plug in CDU while holding above two keys;
  • Keypad flashing;
  • Click START FLASH on software page

    Do not shutdown power during flashing.


Software Manual.pdf

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