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Hello, fellow Aerosofters! Hope you are all keeping safe.


I am making the move to MSFS, and have tons of Aerosoft purchases from the good ol' FSX days. Some absolute classics!


Anyway, I have a question being brand new to MSFS - where is the best place to buy? The CRJ looks brilliant to me. Should I use this site, or the MSFS Marketplace? Are there pros and cons? I guess using the Marketplace will mean that I won't have to worry about manual updates any more?


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, and apologies if this is a stupid question.


Thank you for your help!



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  • Root Admin

Our update system is pretty solid (just had to check log files and over 2300 people used it today).  And facts have to be facts, a recent update for the CRJ via the Marketplace went pretty wrong and caused major problems for many people.  Also if you have to keep in mind the  Marketplace version is encrypted so tweaking the product is much harder.  Clearly we are unable to offer sales and install support for copies bought on the shop, should this be needed. As a last argument, we can not always guarantee updates are provided at the same time.


Of course, we would advise you our shop, but the Marketplace is easy, fast and solid. 

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