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CRJ Update created Thrust lever problems

Mike Briscoe

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After installing update 1.0.5 The thrust levers would not perform correctly and associated engine gauges were very erratic and never would reach TO power therefore could not fly the airplane.

I had to re-install my original CRJ which works as it should.

Did anyone else have this problem?


Mod Edit: I changed your font size to 14 pt. Please don't use a 20 pt. font. It comes across as shouting. It may be that you sent this from a phone and it pushed up the font size. If so, please see if you can get it to do 14 pt., which is the default for viewing this site.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Also, I moved this to the appropriate support area. Where you first posted is noted in the page header as not for support.


First off, did you recalibrate your thrust levers after the update, using the EFB? If so or if you now have, is the issue still present?

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