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Why you might experience problems when flying certain RNP/RNAV procedures

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Somtimes you will notice that when you choose an RNAV procedure, it is not drawn correctly on the ND and/or the CRJ does not fly it correctly or even crashes.

To make it short:

Some procedures contain so called RF (Radius to Fix) legs. Neither the real CRJ, nore the Aerosoft CRJ is able to correctly fly procedures which include those RF legs.

To avoid this, you have to look at the charts before setting up a flighplan and loading it into the CRJ: Avoid any RNAV (from 2022 on they will all be renamed to RNP) procedures that inludes a turn. Stick to straight in procedures.


When talking about RNAV and RNP: RNAV and RNP systems are fundamentally similar. The main difference between them is the requirement for on-board performance monitoring and alerting. A navigation specification that includes a requirement for on-board navigation performance monitoring and alerting is referred to as an RNP specification.


More information on this very complex matter can be found in the attached document done by JRBarret relating to the CRJ. But be aware that due to the complexity it might be not complete and 100% correct.



RNP Approaches and the CRJ.pdf



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