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How to configure multiple controllers in World of Aircraft.


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How to configure multiple controllers in World of Aircraft.

World of Aircraft comes with an extremely simple and easy controls configuration interface.
As with most of the current simulators, setting different profiles
according to the aircraft flown or user’s need is possible.


Unlike the standard simulators, a profile includes ALL the controls involved.
In other simulator, each control has a profiles specific to an aircraft.
In World of Aircraft, one single profile includes ALL the controls

used in an aircraft or in one configuration.

It is a very powerful feature as only one profile has to be activated per aircraft
and no unwanted multiple assignments are possible.


STEP 1 :

  • FIRST connect ALL your controls (NO HOT connection possible)
  • Start the game.
  • On the main screen, click “Options”.



STEP 2 :
In the Options, click “Input”, then choose a profile from the
”Profile” dropdown list.
In this example, we will choose the generic “Game Controller”


STEP 3 :

  • Double click on “Pitch Axis” (First function on the top of the list)
    - A detection window pops up.
  • Move the axis of your choice – ON ANY CONTROL –
    No need to specify wich one.
  • The window will automatically close once an axis is detected.




STEP 4 :

The Axis Y of the control with ID number 0 is now assigned to the pitch axis function.

STEP 5 :
Repeat the same procedure for all the controls connected
In the end, you will have the assigned axis identified by their respective ID number.

(Here, the #0 is a TCA stick and #1 is a CH Pro Pedals)
- Click “Apply”

- Click “ Back”


You are all set !

See the whole process here (Video):


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